The Covid/Corona paintings and collages span the realms of history, art, science and culture. The re-invention of the beautiful represents inquiry and a refusal to suppress human possibility. An iconology of symbols creates a dialogue connecting abstraction to the natural world. The language of icons and archetypal images reveal their ancestry creating a sense of place and possibility and my place in history. The series began when we moved to our house upstate from Tribeca in March of 2020 in the beginning of the pandemic.

The paintings and collages are a mapping of the body and earth’s ecology: expression and accounting of my zeitgeist. Cell forms inhabit the landscape, a reminder of biology and botany. At this time of Covid, biological and botanical tropes conjure the body ecology, disruption and virus. Forms and icons of land, geographic maps and the notion of geography and place are layered with icons of history from a personal iconic archive drawing from my collective unconscious and art history.

COVID/CORONA – Composite Materials – fresco secco, dispersed pigment in polymer,stencil, collage and isopropyl alcohol on canvas, paper or panel.

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