Green Paintings

In 1995 I did a series of monotypes after the Roman garden frescoes found at Pompeii and Herculaenium. Recently I am involved in a group of green paintings. Many of these address the subject of foliage. The references for these paintings are taken from various venues: my back yard, Vincent Van Gogh’s green paintings from Dr. Gatchet’s Garden, Monet’s Nympheas, Courbet’s glades, my monoprint series, “After Ercolano” and other channeled impressions of foliage in the natural world. From time to time I use a master painting such as” Dr. Gachet’s Garden”by Van Gogh as a jumping off point  to expand my vision and technique. These paintings look different from my usual work because I am aesthetically getting into the head of the master as much as I can. After this initial painting I do subsequent paintings which enlist qualities of the master painting and become the next step in the sequence of my process.

Marianne van Lent   2011

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